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       Eaton DC/DC Selection Guide -- Martek Military Grade

Linked Part Numbers Available From Stock Pricing and Specification subject to change without notification.
Watts   Series S,D,T* Size Part Number Hyper Link Purchase Inventory
-Y- Suffix RoHS-1 Compliant 6/6
1 100fs 100FS S,D SIP
Data Sheet
105S5FS-Y 109S5FS-Y 112S5FS-Y 115S5FS 115S5FS-Y
105S12FS 105S12FS-Y 112S12FS-Y 105D5FS-Y 112D5FS-Y
115D5FS 115D5FS-Y 112D12FS-Y 115D12FS 115D12FS-Y
1 100HFS 100HFS S,D Mini SIP
Data Sheet
105S5HFS-Y 109S5HFS-Y 112S5HFS-Y 115S5HFS-Y 105S12HFS
105S12HFS-Y 109S12HFS 109S12HFS-Y 112S12HFS-Y 115S12HFS
115S12HFS-Y 105S24HFS-Y 109S24-HFS-Y 112S24HFS-Y 112S24HFS-Y
115S24HFS 115S24HFS-Y 105D5HFS-Y 109D5HFS 109D5HFS-Y
112D5HFS 112D5HFS-Y 115D5HFS-Y 105D12HFS-Y 109D12HFS-Y
112D12HFS-Y 115D12HFS-Y 105D24HFS 105D24HFS-Y 109D24HFS
109D24HFS-Y 112D24HFS-Y 115D24HFS-Y  
1 100VFS 100VFS S,D Mini SIP
Data Sheet
103S5VFS 103S5VFS-Y 105S5VFS-Y 109S5VFS 109S5VFS-Y
112S5VFS 112S5VFS-Y 115S5VFS 115S5VFS-Y 103S12VFS-Y
105S12VFS-Y 109S12VFS 109S12VFS-Y 112S12VFS 112S12VFS-Y
115S12VFS 115S12VFS-Y 103S24VFS-Y 105S24VFS-Y 109S24VFS-Y
112S24VFS 112S24VFS-Y 115S24VFS-Y 105D5VFS 105D5VFS-Y
109D5VFS-Y 112D5VFS 112D5VFS-Y 115D5VFS-Y 105D12VFS-Y
109D12VFS 109D12VFS-Y 112D12VFS-Y 115D12VFS-Y 105D24VFS-Y
109D24VFS 109D24VFS-Y 112D24VFS 112D24VFS-Y 115D24VFS-Y
1 100WFS 100WFS S,D SMT
Data Sheet
103S5WFS-Y 105S5WFS-Y 109S5WFS 109S5WFS-Y 112S5WFS-Y
115S5WFS-Y 105S12WFS-Y 109S12WFS-Y 112S12WFS-Y 115S12WFS-Y
105D5WFS-Y 109D5WFS 109D5WFS-Y 112D5WFS-Y 115D5WFS-Y
105D12WFS-Y 109D12WFS-Y 112D12WFS-Y 115D12WFS-Y  
1.5 100VFI 100VFI S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
105S5VFI-Y 112S5VFI-Y 115S5VFI-Y 105S12VFI-Y 112S12VFI-Y
115S12VFI 115S12VFI-Y 105S15VFI-Y 115S15VFI-Y 105D5VFI-Y
112D5VFI-Y 115D5VFI-Y 105D12VFI 105D12VFI-Y 112D12VFI
112D12VFI-Y 105D15VFI 105D15VFI-Y 112D15VFI-Y 115D15VFI-Y
1.8   200FS S,D In-Line
Data Sheet
205S5FS 209S5FS 212S5FS 215S5FS 205S12FS
212S12FS 205D5FS 212D5FS 215D5FS-Y 212D12FS
2 200FR 200FR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
205S5FR-Y 212S5FR-Y 215S5FR-Y 205S12FR-Y 212S12FR-Y
215S12FR 215S12FR-Y 205S24FR-Y 212S24FR-Y 215S24FR
215S24FR-Y 205S48FR-Y 212S48FR 212S48FR-Y 215S48FR
215S48FR-Y 212D5FR 212D5FR-Y 215D5FR-Y 212D12FR-Y
215D12FR-Y 212D24FR 215D24FR-Y 212D48FR 212D48FR-Y
215D48FR 215D48FR-Y  
2   200HFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
205S5HFR 212S5HFR-Y 215S5HFR 215S5HFR-Y 205S12HFR-Y
205S12HFR 212S12HFR-Y 212S12HFR 212S24HR-Y 212S24HFR
215D5HFR-Y 212D5HFR 212D5HFR-Y 212D12HFR-Y 212D24HFR-Y
2 200HFS 200HFS S,D SIP
Data Sheet
203S5HFS-Y 205S5HFS-Y 212S5HFS-Y 215S5HFS-Y 203S12HFS-Y
205S12HFS-Y 212S12HFS-Y 215S12HFS 215S12HFS-Y 212S24HFS
212S24HFS-Y 215S24HFS-Y 205D5HFS-Y 212D5HFS-Y 215D5HFS-Y
205D5HFS-Y 212D5HFS-Y 215D12HFS-Y 205D12HFS 205D12HFS-Y
212D12HFS-Y 215D12HFS-Y 205D24HFS-Y 212D24HFS-Y 215D24HFS-Y
2 200lfr 200LFR S,D 16 Pin Dip
Data Sheet
203V3S5LFR-Y 205S5LFR-Y 212S5LFR-Y 215S5LFR-Y 203V3S12LFR-Y
205S12LFR-Y 212S12LFR-Y 215S12LFR-Y 203V3S24LFR-Y 205S24LFR-Y
212S24LFR-Y 215S24LFR-Y 203V3S48LFR-Y 205S48LFR-Y 212S48LFR-Y
215S48LFR-Y 205D5LFR-Y 212D5LFR-Y 215D5LFR-Y 205D12LFR-Y
212D12LFR-Y 215D12LFR-Y 205D24LFR-Y 212D24LFR-Y 215D24LR-Y
205D48LFR-Y 212D48LFR-Y 215D48LFR-Y  
2 200ufr  200UFR S,D SIP
Data Sheet
203S24UFR-Y 205S24UFR-Y 212S24UFR-Y 215S24UFR-Y 203S48UFR-Y
205S48UFR-Y 212S48UFR-Y 215S48UFR-Y 205D24UFR-Y 212D24UFR-Y
215D24UFR-Y 205D48UFR-Y 212D48UFR-Y 215D48UFR-Y  
2 200vfi  200VFI S,D 1.25 x 0.80
Data Sheet
205S5VFI-Y 212S5VFI-Y 215S5VFI-Y 205S12VFI-Y 212S12VFI-Y
215S12VFI-Y 205S24VFI-Y 212S24VFI-Y   205D5VFI-Y
212D5VFI-Y 215D5VFI-Y 205D12VFI-Y 212D12VFI-Y 215D12VFI-Y
205D24VFI-Y 212D24VFI-Y 215D24VFI-Y  
2 200wfr  200WFR S 0.86  x 0.36
Data Sheet
203S5WFR-Y 205S5WFR-Y 212S5WFR-Y 203S12WFR-Y 205S12WFR-Y
212S12WFR-Y 203S24WFR-Y 205S24WFR-Y 212S24WFR-Y 203S48WFR-Y
205S48WFR-Y 212S48WFR-Y  
2 200wfs  200WFS S,D SMT
Data Sheet
205S5WFS-Y 212S5WFS-Y 205S12WFS-Y 212S12WFS-Y 212S24WFS-Y
205D5WFS-Y 212D5WFS-Y 215D5WFS-Y 212D12WFS-Y 215D12WFS-Y
212D24WFS-Y 215D24WFS-Y  
2.25 200F 200F/200FA S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
209S12F 209S12FA      
3   300HFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
315S5HFR-Y 315S12HFR 315S12HFR-Y 315D12HFR-Y  
315D24HFR 315D24HFR-Y  
3   300UR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
  312S12UR 315S12UR 305S28UR 312S28UR
315S28UR 305D12UR 312D12UR 312D12UR 315D12UR
305D28UR 305D28UR 312D28UR 315D28UR 315D28UR
3 300WFR 300WFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
303S5WFR 303S5WFR-Y 305S5WFR -Y 312S5WFR-Y 315S5WFR
315S5WFR-Y 303S12WFR-Y 305S12WFR-Y 312S12WFR-Y 315S12WFR
315S12WFR-Y 303S24WFR-Y 305S24WFR-Y 312S24WFR-Y 315S24WFR
315S24WFR-Y 305S28WFR-A1 303S48WFR-Y 305S48WFR-Y 312S48WFR
312S48WFR-Y 315S48WFR 315S48WFR-Y 305D5WFR-Y 312D5WFR
312D5WFR 315D5WFR-Y 305D12WFR-Y 312D12WFR-Y 312D12WFR-A1
315D12WFR-Y 305D24WFR-Y 312D24WFR-Y 315D24WFR-Y 305D48WFR-Y
312D48WFR-Y 315D48WFR-Y
3 300WFS 300WFS S,D SMT
Data Sheet
303S12WFS-Y 305S12WFS-Y 312S12WFS-Y 315S12WFS-Y 303S24WFS-Y
305S24WFS-Y 312S24WFS-Y 315S24WFS-Y 303S48WFS 303S48WFS-Y
305S48WFS-Y 312S48WFS-Y 315S48WFS-Y 305D12WFS-Y 312D12WFS-Y
315D12WFS-Y 305D24WFS-Y 312D24WFS-Y 315D24WFS-Y 305D48WFS-Y
312D48WFS 312D48WFS-Y 315D48WFS-Y  
3 300XFR 300XFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
305S5XFR-Y 312S5XFR 312S5XFR-Y 315S5XFR-Y 305S12XFR
305S12XFR-Y 312S12XFR-Y 315S12XFR 315S12XFR-Y 305S24XFR-Y
312S24XFR 312S24XFR-Y 315S24XFR-Y 305S48XVF-Y 312S48XFR-Y
315S48XFR-Y 312D5XFR-Y 315D5XFR-Y 312D12XFR 312D12XFR-Y
315D12XFR-Y 312D24XFR-Y   312D24XFR-Y 315D48XFR-Y
5 500  500 S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet
505S5 512S5 512S5D1 515S5-D1 515S5
505S12 512S12 515S12 505S18 512S18
515S18 50524 512S24 515S24 505S28
512S28 515S28 505S48 512S48 505D5
512D5 515D5 505D12 512D12 515D12
505D18 512D18 515D18 512D18 505D24
512D24 515D24 505D28 512D28 515D28
505D48 512D48 515D48  
5 500HFR 500HFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
503S24HFR 503S24HFR-Y 505S24HFR-Y 512S24HFR-Y 515S24HFR-Y
503S48HFR-Y 505S48HFR-Y 512S48HFR 512S48HFR-Y 515S48HFR-Y
505D24HFR-Y 512D24HFR-Y 515D24HFR 515D24HFR-Y 505D48HFR-Y
512D48HFR-Y 515D48HFR-Y  
5   500UFR S,D 2 x 2
Data Sheet
512S24UFR 512S24UFR-Y 515S24UFR 515S24UFR 509S48UFR
509S48UFR-Y 512S48UFR-Y 515S48UFR 515S48UFR-Y 512D48UFR-Y
5 500URD  500URD S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
505S24URD 512S24URD-Y 512S24URD-Y 515S24URD-Y 505S48URD-Y
512S48URD-Y 515S48URD-Y 505D24URD-Y 512D24URD-Y 515D24URD
505D48URD-Y 512D48URD 515D48URD-Y    
5 500WFR 500WFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet-Single
Data Sheet-Dual
503S5WFR-M-Y 505S5WFR-M-Y 512S5WFR-M-Y 515S5WFR-M -Y 505S12WFR-H
505S12WFR-Y 512S12WFR-Y 515S12WFR-Y 515S12WFR-H 503S24WFR-Y
505S24WFR-Y 505S24WFR-M 512S24WFR-Y 515S24WFR-Y 515S24WFR-H
503S48WFR-Y 505S48WFR-Y 512S48WFR 512S48WFR-Y 505D5WFR-M-Y
505D12WFR-Y 512D5WFR-M-Y 515D5WFR-M-Y 512D12WFR-Y 512D12WFR-M-Y
505D24WFR 505D24WFR-Y 505D24WFR-M 512D24WFR-Y 515D24WFR-Y
515D24WFR-H 515D24WFR-Y 505D48WFR-Y 512D48WFR 512D48WFR-Y
515D48WFR-Y 515D48WFR-H 515D48WFR-M 515D12WFR-Y  
10 1000HNSD 1000HN S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet-Single
Data Sheet-Dual
1003S12HN 1005S12HN-Y 1005S12HN-R 1012S12HN 1012S12HN-R
1015S12HN 1015S12HN-R 1003S24HN 1005S24HN 1012S24HN
1015S24HN 1003S48HN 1005S48HN 1012S48HN 1015S48HN
1005D12HN 1012D12HN 1015D12HN 1005D24HN 1012D24HN
1015D24HN 1005D48HN 1012D48HN 1015D48HN  
10 1000wfr  1000WFR S,D 2 x 2
Data Sheet
1005S12WFR-Y 1009S12WFR 1012S12WFR 1015S12WFR 1005S24WFR
1009S24WFR 1012S24WFR-Y 1015S24WFR 1005S48WFR 1009S48WFR
1012D12WFR 1015D24WFR-Y 1012D48WFR 1015D48WFR  
10 1000XFR 1000XFR S 1.25 x 0.80
Data Sheet
1002V5S24XFR-Y 1003V3S24XFR-Y 1005S24XFR-Y 1012S24XFR-Y 1002V5S48XFR-Y
1003V3S48XFR-Y 1005S48XFR-Y 1012S48XFR-Y  
10 lnb  LNB S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet-Single
Data Sheet-Dual
1003S5LNB 1005S5LNB 1012S5LNB 1015S5LNB 1005S12LNB
1012S12LNB 1015S12LNB 1003S24LNB 1005S2LNB 1012S24LNB
1015S24LNB 1005D5LNB-YE 1012D5LNB 1015D5LNB 1005D12LNB
1012D12LNB 1012D12LNB 1005D24LNB 1012D24LNB 1015D24LNB
12 1200H 1200H D 2 x 2
Data Sheet
1205D5H 1212D5H 1215D5H 1205D12H 1212D12H
1215D12H 1205D18H 1212D18H 1215D18H 1205D24H
1212D24H 1215D24H 1205D28H 1212D28H 1215D28H
1205D48H 1212D48H 1215D48H
15 1500 1500 S,D,T 2 x 2
Data Sheet
1505S12-A1 1512S12 1515S12 1515S12-A1 1505S24
1505S24-A1 1512S24 1515S24 1505S48 1512S48
1515S48 1505D12 1505D12-A1 1512D12 1515D12
1505D24 1512D24 1515D24 1505D48 1512D48
1512D48-X 1515D48 1505/12T12 1505/12T24
1505/15T12 1505/15T24 150512T48 1505/15T48  
15 1500HNSD 1500HN S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet-Single
Data Sheet-Dual
1503S12HN 1505S12HN 1512S12HN 1515S12HN 1503S24HN
1505S24HN 1512S24HN 1515S24HN 1515S24HN-R 1503S48HN
1505S48HN 1505S48HN-R 1512S48HN 1512S48HN-R 1515S48HN
1505D12HN 1512D12HN 1515D12HN 1505D24HN 1505D24HN-R
1512D24HN 1515D24HN 1505D48HN 1512D48HN 1512D48HN-R
15 1500LN 1500LN S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet-Single
Data Sheet-Dual
1502V0S48LN 1503V3S48LN 1505S48LN 1505S48LN-91 1512S48LN
1512S48LN-9 1512S48LN-91 1515S48LN 1505D48LN 1512D48LN
15 1500ufr  1500UFR S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet
15033S24UFR-Y 1505S24UFR-Y 15051S24UFR-Y 1512S24UFR-Y 1515S24UFR-Y 
15033S48UFR-Y 1505S48UFR-Y 15051S48UFR-Y 1512S48UFR-Y 1515S48UFR-Y  
1505D24UFR-Y 1512D24UFR-Y 1515D24UFR-Y  1505D48UFR-Y 15152D48UFR-Y
15 1500ur  1500UR S,D 2 x 2
Data Sheet
1503S20UR 1505S20UR 1512S20UR 1515S20UR 1503S36UR
1512S36UR 1515S36UR 1505D20UR 1512D20UR 1515D20UR
1505D36UR 1512D36UR 1515D36UR  
15 1500wfr  1500WFR S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet
1505S24WFR 1512S24WFR 1515S24WFR 1505S48WFR 1512S48WFR
1515S48WFR 1512D24WFR 1515D24WFR 1512D48WFR 1515D48WFR
20 2000WFR 2000WFR S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet
2003S12WFR-Y 2005S12WFR-Y 2012S12WFR-Y  2015S12-Y  2003S24WFR-Y 
2005S24WFR-Y 2012S24WFR-Y  2015S24WFR-Y  2003S48WFR-Y  2005S48WFR-Y 
2012S48WFR-Y  2015S48WFR-Y  2012D12WFR-Y  2015D12WFR-Y  2012D24WFR-Y 
2015D24WFR-Y  2012D48WFR-Y  2015D48WFR-Y   
20 2100 2100 S,D,T 2 x 2
Data Sheet
2105S12 2112S12 2115S12 2105S24 2112S24
2112S24-A1-X 2115S24 2115S24-X 2105S48 2112S48
2115S48 2105D12 2112D12 2115D12-A1 2115D12
2105D24 2112D24 2115D24 2105D48 2112D48
2115D48 2105/12T12 2105/15T12 210512/T24 2105/15T24
2105/15T24-X 2105/12T48 2105/15T48  
25 2500  2500 S 3 x 2.56
Data Sheet
2505S12 2506S12 2512S12 2515S12 2505S24
2506S24 2512S24 2515S24 2505S48 2506S48
2512S48 2515S48 2505D12 2512D12 2515D12
2505D24 2512D24 2515D24 2505D48 2512D48
2512D48 2515D48 2505/12T12 2505/15T12 2505/15T24
2505/12T24 2505/12T48 2505/15T48  
25 2500HN 2500HN S,D,T S/D-2 x 1.6
Data Sheet-Single
Data Sheet-Dual
Data Sheet-Triple
2503S12HN 2505S12HN 2512S12HN 2515S12HN 2503S24HN
2505S24HN 2512S24HN 2515S24HN 2503S48HN 2505S48HN
2512S48HN 2512S48HN-H 2515S48HN 2505D12HN 2512D12HN
2515D12HN 2505D24HN 2512D24HN 2515D24HN 2505D48HN
2512D48HN 2515D48HN 2505/12T12HN 2505/15T12HN 2505/12T24HN
2505/15T24HN 2505/12T48HN 2505/15T48HN  
25 2500ln  2500LN S,D 2 x 1.6 2502V0S48LN 2505V5S48LN 2503V3S48LN 2505S48LN 2512S48LN,
2515S48LN 2505D48LN 2512D48LN 2515D48LN  
25 to 30 3000LP  3000LP S,D,T 3 x 2.56
Data Sheet
3005S12 3012S12 3015S12 3005S24 3005S24-G1
3005S24-G1 3012S24 3012S24-G1 3015S24 3012S48
3005S48 3015S48 3005D12 3012D12 3005D24
3015D12 3012D24 3015D24 3005D48 3015D48
3012D48 3015D48 3005/12T12 3005/15T12  
3005/12T24 3005/15T24 3005/15T24-G1 3005/12T48  
25 to 30 3000WFR 3000WFR S,D,T 2 x 2
Data Sheet
3003S12WFR 3005S12WFR 3012S12WFR 3015S12WFR 3003S24WFR
3005S24WFR   3015S24WFR 3003S48WFR 3005S48WFR
3012S48WFR 3015S48WFR 3005D12WFR 3012D12WFR 3015D12WFR
3005D24WFR 3012D24WFR 3015D24WFR 3005D48WFR 3012D48WFR
3015D48WFR 3005/12T12WFR 3005/15T12WFR 3005/12T24WFR 3005/15T24WFR
3005/12T48WFR 3005/15T48WFR 3005S12WFR-Y  
40 4000HN 4000HN S,D 2 x 2
Data Sheet-Single
Data Sheet-Dual
4003S12HN 4005S12HN 4012S12HN 4015S12HN 4003S24HN
4005S24HN 4012S24HN 4015S24HN 4003S48HN 4005S48HN
4012S48HN 4015S48HN 4005D12HN 4012D12HN 4015D12HN
4005D24HN 4012D24HN 4015D24HN 4005D48HN 4012D48HN
*S=Single, D=Dual, T=Triple